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What is statsTeachR?

statsTeachR is an open-access, online repository of modular lesson plans, a.k.a. "modules", for teaching statistics using R at the undergraduate and graduate level. Each module focuses on teaching a specific statistical concept. The modules range from introductory lessons in statistics and statistical computing to more advanced topics in statistics and biostatistics. We are developing plans to create a peer-review process for some of the modules submitted to statsTeachR. The statsTeachR collaboration was founded in 2013 by faculty in the University of Massachusetts-Amherst Graduate Program in Biostatistics.

What statsTeachR offers

A unifying goal for all statsTeachR modules is to facilitate the use of hands-on exercises in statistical computing with R to teach fundamental concepts in statistics. All modules are made available via a Creative Commons license. Therefore, everyone is encouraged to use, modify, and update existing modules: with appropriate attribution, of course.

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For teachers ...

For teachers looking to incorporate modules into new or existing courses, the standardized module format provides curriculum à la carte -- enabling quick and easy assessment (and modification, if desired) of materials within a module.

By teachers ...

For teachers looking to contribute material, the standardized file structure provides a simple way to organize new or existing course material. This in turn makes the content accessible for other teachers interested in incorporating the material into their curriculum.

So, come get started! You can register now or check out the existing modules!

Contributors to statsTeachR

  • Nicholas G Reich, co-founder & contributor [website]
  • Andrea S Foulkes, co-founder & contributor [website]
  • Harrel Blatt, founding contributor
  • Eric A Cohen, founding contributor
  • Gregory Matthews, founding contributor

Popular Modules

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Recently Updated Modules

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